Processor-controlled hose pump with touch control and automatic calibration of the dosing volumes from all channels

  • Compact 6-channel hose pump for furtherance of liquids
  • Constant pumping by an electronically controlled motor with automatic speed control
  • Individually adjustable hose beds with defined pressure for each working channel
  • Parallel conveying possible on 1 to 6 channels
  • Large rotor with 8 rollers for low-pulsation and continuous liquid transport
  • Selection of different hoses with delivery rates from 0.024 ml / min to over 200 ml / min
  • Precision through automatic and fast volume calibration of each tube channel
  • High-quality work platform with stainless steel construction and resistant PTFE coating
  • Intuitive operation through graphics screen with touch user interface
  • Ideal for in-line sampling
  • Solvent resistant pressure elements with springing
  • Perfect built-in pump for photometers (AAS, FIA, ICP)
  • Automatic control of the pump by external devices via interface
  • Freely programmable methods for volume, runtime, partial dosing with breaks, etc.
  • Storage of complete methods with all parameters

  • Peristaltic dosing system with compact 6-channel hose pump as single system for the conveyance of liquids, atomizer supply for ICP and AAS devices, flow injection, etc.

    The precisionPUMP is used in all areas of analytical and preparative chemistry as well as in some production areas for conveying, dosing and mixing. The pump allows automatic metering of reaction partners and is simply controlled by indicating the desired delivery rate and the required delivery volume. Several reagents or solvents can be conveyed in parallel through the six channels of the pump. The pump is operated via a touch screen and has an internal memory area for freely programmable methods. These may be e.g. Dosing cycles with defined volumes and defined waiting pauses which are repeated as often as desired by a predetermined number. In addition, the precisionPUMP can be controlled by external devices or by a hand / foot switch. The 6-channel peristaltic dosing system is also installed as a complete kit in laboratory equipment (machines) as required. The installation is possible within a few seconds as the complete system is only fixed with two screws. Only 24 V DC is required for the power supply. The high chemical resistance of the pump and the robust design ensure an extremely long and reliable use. The entire system is extremely efficient in construction and is manufactured with the highest production precision. All parts are easy to handle. In particular, when replacing the hoses, a simple, safe handling is carried out in a matter of seconds.

  • Pump head 8 roll
    Channels 1 – 6
    Output 0,024 ml/min to 200 ml/min
    Direction of rotation right
    Electrical connection 115 to 230 V
    External Control Yes
    Warranty 12 month
    Operation via touch-screen
    Automatic speed control Yes
    Automatic dosing calibration Yes
    Dimension W x H x D 18 x 20,5 x 24 cm
    Weight 5 kg

  • Various tubing for sample, reagent and waste

    Various tubing for sample, reagent and waste
    Various hoses with feed brakes are available. Separated for samples, reagents and waste, these are available in various sizes and different conveying rates. Depending on the application, the material can be chosen from PVC or silicone.

  • Soon available

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