High throughput solution for the elimination of the protective groups of oligonucleotides

  • Fast oligo deprotection by controlled gas phase reaction
  • Cost-effective variant at the production of DNA and RNA oligos
  • Easy handling of a large number of samples up to 960 per barrel
  • extremely high sample through fast heating and cooling
  • Reduced operating costs through low chemical use
  • no preparation by gas phase reaction necessary
  • no evaporation of the reaction solution necessary
  • Perfect high-throughput solution for routine operation
  • Output of dry samples for direct processing
  • Significantly increased efficiency
  • Automatic sample lift for possible automation
  • Optimal protection of laboratory personnel through minimal chemical contact

  • The highspeed microwave reactor

    The reaction can be performed directly in 96-position sample holders such as "deep-well" plates. 6-10 sample holders can be used in the 10 liter pressure reactor. As a result, the handling effort is considerably shortened. Through the design of the electric lift system, the samples are filled with different plates, e.g. With filter base, special cover, etc., are automatically moved out of the pressure vessel in and after the reaction for drying. During the opening and closing process, aggressive reaction gases are sucked off and the full safety of the laboratory personnel is ensured. The reaction with the samples takes place under pressure and in the microwave effect in the gas phase. The high gas phase concentration causes a complete and homogeneous reaction within a few minutes. In the wavePREP DNA system, all operating parameters are permanently controlled and controlled according to the program conditions, graphically recorded and stored for quality control. Throughout the process, the pressure and temperature in the liquid reagent as well as the gas phase are controlled. This ensures complete, reproducible and homogeneous reaction of the samples for subsequent isolation of the selective DNA sequences. The unique wavePREP concept with the large 10-liter reactor volume offers new possibilities for an extremely high sample throughput. The wavePREP DNA system is designed for the efficient preparation of biological samples. It is used in the production of primers, probes and components for PCR, DNA sequencing, DNA and RNA synthesis, random priming, vector design, DNA fingerprinting and artificial gene synthesis.

  • Technology Microwave high pressure reactor
    Reactor volume 10 liters capacity
    Sample quantities 6 to 10 holders of 96 samples each
    Temperature range to 200°C
    Power output 1200 Watt
    Conformity CE-Sign
    Warrenty 12 month
    Power supply 220 V to 240 V / 50/60 Hz
    Power consumption max. 2500 Watt
    Display Color touch screen
    Software easyCONTROL 2
    Dimensions W x D x H 52 x 73 x 123 cm
    (without Terminal)
    Weight 180 kg

  • Deepwell plates

    Deepwell plates
    We offer the standard standard Deepwell plates, which work optimally with the system. Basically all common formats are directly usable, or can be easily adapted.

    Circulation cooling system

    Circulation cooling system
    Temperature range: 8 ° C - 35 ° C, temperature stability: ± 0.1 ° C, temperature control: PID, cooling capacity: up to 3000 Watt, as well as suitable pump with the following characteristics: Flow: 13 l / min @ 60psi, Power: 545 watts

    Complete workstation

    Complete workstation
    Complete and compact workstation for the optimization of the laboratory area, with ideal working height for the entire system.

    Automatic chemical handling

    Automatic chemical handling
    Separate working station for the complete chemical handler. This includes a 5 liter container for fresh chemicals, which is automatically pumped into the system. Another 5 liter container serves as a waste disposal device, which is automatically filled after the process. The entire system is actively or passively ventilated, which minimizes contact with all chemicals.


    There are two complete control units with simple operation on a touch color screen. The smaller model T660 with a 6.5 "or the extended terminal T1660 with a 12.1" -monitor are in the assortment. The control terminals offer a very compact design with space-saving design, which means that only a small amount of work space is required. Thanks to a flexible cable connection, the control unit can be used as desired, in front of or above the system. Various connections for USB, mouse, keyboard, printer, networks, analytical scales and video signals are just as much components of the terminal as the preinstalled software easyCONTROL.

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