Fast and efficient grinding and homogenizing of geological samples, minerals,
crystals and soils

  • For extremely hard materials up to the diamond hardness
  • Only a few seconds for the milling processes
  • Sample quantity depending on the material from 0.02 to 10 g
  • Minimum abrasion of the milling tool due to extreme hardness
  • Best price offer with new market concept
  • Network-independent operation using ion battery technology
  • Universal and easy to use, on site

  • Extremely hard tools deliver better analytics

    The geoMILL was designed as an analytical rapid mill for sample preparation in research and for routine applications. The impact-rotation principle provides fast and efficient grinding and homogenization. The selection of three different grinding tools allows the use of the most efficient materials. Due to the hardest synthetic tools silicon carbide, silicon nitride and boron carbide, minimal self-abrasion is achieved, which is ideal for trace analysis. The simple handling, low mass and the non-network-dependent operation even allow an application in the field. Thanks to the quick-coupling system, a simple, easy change of the complete grinding set is possible. The high efficiency and quality in connection with the ease of use result in a cost-effective solution for comminution and homogenization in the laboratory. The geoMILL is a variable crushing system with a highly efficient grinding process. The application areas cover a wide range such as: minerals, crystals, soil samples, etc.

  • Working principle Stroke rotation
    Task size
    (Depending on the material)
    5 to 10 mm
    Sample amount
    (Depending on the material)
    20 to 100 mg
    Final fineness
    (Depending on grinding time)
    5 to 50 µm
    Grinding process dry
    Pouring power pestle Approx. 2,5 J
    Diameter of grinding container (standard) 45 mm
    Conformity CE-Sign
    Warrenty 12 month
    Power supply Battery, independent operation
    Motor 12 V BLDC
    Battery pack Li-ion battery 4 Ah
    Voltage / capacity 18 V / 5.0 Ah
    Accessories 2 pcs. Batteries, charger for ion battery
    Dimensions W x D x H 30 x 40 x 65 cm
    Weight 13 kg

  • Various grinding containers

    Various grinding containers
    Grinding container made of silicon carbide, silicon nitride and boron carbide, in stainless steel case. With these 3 different grinding containers, the system can be used for a wide variety of materials. Can be used for hard to extremely hard samples, almost diamond hardness.

    Various pestle

    Various pestle
    Pestle of silicon carbide, silicon nitride and boron carbide, with quick coupling made of stainless steel and sealing lip (dust protection). With these 3 different pestles, the system can be used for a wide variety of materials, for hard to extremely hard specimens, almost diamond hardness.

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